Rae Shumate-Tysor

My first memory as a child was my Mom leading me around on her Tennessee Walking Horse, Anna. I remember the proud smile on my Mom’s face, Anna’s black ears flicking back and fourth, and the feel of the worn leather reins in my tiny fingers. At three years old, I was hooked. As time has gone on I have fallen more in love with horses every single day. To simply put it, they are my passion.
Endurance came into my life when I was thirteen, I had been showing for years but I was searching for something that allowed me to spend more time with my horses. Many miles later, Endurance has become a major component in my life. I have made countless memories, learned many lessons, and had some of my happiest moments of my life thanks to this crazy and incredible sport. I am so thankful to be able to represent the Southeast and the United States as a rider, and I hope that I can do my region and my country proud.