803.1 CEIs, CEIOs and Championships are divided into three star levels (3* being the highest

803.1.1 1*: Competitions between 100-119 km in one day.

803.1.2 2*: Competitions between 120- 139 km in one day, or between 70- 89 km per day over two

803.1.3 3*: Competitions between 140- 160 km in one day, or 90-100 km per day over two days,
or 70-80 km per day over three days or more.

803.2 Unless specified otherwise, the requirements that apply to CEI star levels apply to CEIOs
of the same star level.

803.3 The FEI will determine, in consultation with the FEI Endurance Technical
Committee, the OC and relevant National Federations, what CEI star level requirements apply to
any Event not covered under Article 803.1.

803.4 The FEI may create special categories of events for emerging programmes in developing
nations or regions or for the purposes of research into potential changes to these Endurance
Rules. The FEI may apply such CEI star level requirements to those events (including for
Officials and eligibility to participate) as it considers appropriate regardless of the length of
the course at the event. In such cases, the FEI will request ongoing input from National
Federations and Technical Committees.

805.1 Athletes must comply with the following minimum weight requirements, which include all riding equipment except for the bridle:

Young Rider/Junior Competitions and Championships            60 kg

Senior CEI 1* and CEI 2*                                                            70 kg

Senior CEI 3*, CEIOs and Championships                                  75 kg

805.2 If Juniors or Young Riders participate in Competitions for Seniors, they must comply with the minimum weight requirements applicable to Seniors for such Competitions.

805.3 Compliance with minimum weight requirements:

805.3.1 OCs must provide a reliable weighing machine with recalibration capability at the Event.

805.3.2 The Athlete must maintain the minimum riding weight at all times during the Competition while completing Loops of the course (including while riding or leading the Horse on the course).

805.3.3 Weight control must be carried out before the start of the Competition and (if so requested by an FEI Official) after the finish. Weight control inspections may also take place at random at any time during the Competition on request by an FEI Official.

805.3.4 If an Athlete fails to comply with the minimum weight requirements or to submit to a weight control, the Athlete will be Disqualified.