Hannah Crenshaw

My name is Hannah Crenshaw and I’m representing the southeast from Ocala, Florida. I’m 20 years old and currently going to school to get a degree in fashion marketing and merchandising. I started riding as a hobby when I was 14 while still on a dance team. After finishing high school and retiring from my dance team days, I found that my love for the sport of endurance grew into my new passion and I really began focusing on getting into FEI. In this sport I have learned so much about the personality, attitude, and drive that these horses have. I have also learned more about what I as a rider am capable of and I’m always looking for the chance to grow. I started learning from some great riders and have met and befriended many over the last few years. Starting in FEI has offered me so many opportunities and I am extremely excited to see what the next couple of years hold.