USA South East Endurance – We Rock!

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Becky Pearman, Photographer – North American Endurance Team Championships Team Mexico – Team Silver in 1* championships – For more information, see Endurance World

Welcome to USA South East Endurance – Come join us for our next rides at Broxton Bridge, Ehrhardt, SC APRIL 30-MAY 1, 2021 (just for 2021).  These are USEF Lite, AERC, SEDRA, SERA, and FEI.   We offer intro rides, 25, 50, 90, and 100 on Friday along with intro rides, 25, 50, 65, and 75 mile rides on Saturday.  Friday is the AHA REGION 12 100 MILE ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR REGISTERED ARABS AND HALF ARABS.  Here is the entry form that you should email to the ride manager in advance and we can help you join AHA if you want to compete in this ride 2021 AHA_Regional_Ride_Entry_Form 100 Mile endurance

We have a COVID 19 plan (see below) to insure that we comply with all regulations.  Please WEAR your face covering!  

FEI athletes must also enter through your national federation (either USEF or your NF) before the deadline of 3 pm on 23 April (estimate – see your USEF account).   For FEI events, USA horse owners and riders must be current USEF members and have completed Safe Sport Training.  

Ride Entry Form here: 2021 30 April- 1 May entry form 4-6  There is LIMITED ON-SITE REGISTRATION (you can add additional days).  IT IS ALL DONE ONLINE SO PLEASE REGISTER NOW AND MAIL IN FULL PAYMENT TO Ride Manager IN FLORIDA – AND THE RIDE IS IN SOUTH CAROLINA SO PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY April 23 TO AVOID LATE FEES as we live in other states! PAYPAL accepted to FRIENDS AND FAMILY or you must pay any fees.  The Paypal APP does not offer this feature so if you use your phone, pay the fees!  


COVID 19 PLAN:  COVID Plans for Rides Broxton Bridge April 2021

FEI draft schedule is here:   Ehrhardt SC (USA) 29.03.2021 v1

2020 FEI Endurance Rules

Accommodations: Hotel Info: Ehrhardt Bed & Breakfast Ehrhardt, SC 7 miles north 803-267-2020 or Days Inn Hampton Hampton, SC 12 miles south 803-943-0411

2016 Broxton Bridge Plantation Trail Improvements - Come Ride in the Low Country with us!

The Bear Bay is now awesome! 

This is the section across Highway 601.