Broxton Bridge Plantation and USA South East Endurance were pleased to host the the 2017 Young Riders Endurance Team Challenge from 9-12 November in the Low Country of South Carolina.   Grace Ramsey and Jan Worthington came down to manage the ride making it possible to provide a fun and learning environment for our young riders.

The trails were in GREAT shape due to the continued improvements by the plantation owner, Jerry Varn and his wonderful staff.  Then Hurricane Irma came by, and left pine trees looking like twiddly ‘pick up’ sticks so it was a tremendous effort by Jerry Varn along with,Allan, Mann, Tracy, and Joetta. Pat Thomas and Cassandra Roberts went up a week early to remark the trails.

Seventeen Young Riders started resulting in four teams:  Canada-Mountain-Uruguay, USA North East and two USA South East teams. Each team had to complete three riders in order to be eligible for the team medals. One USA South East lost athletes and horses, thus could not compete for team medals. USA North East was GOLD MEDAL team.  CANADA-MOUNTAIN-URUGUAY earned TEAM SILVER by only FIVE MINUTES over USA South East as the BRONZE medal team.   Between the three teams, there was only a 20 minute time differential.  We want to thank DISTANCE DEPOT, the INTERNATIONAL HORSEMANSHIP COUNCIL, AND BARBARA HERSHBERGER for sponsoring our team awards.  2017 YOUNG RIDER ENDURANCE TEAM CHALLENGE TEAM MEDAL COOLERS were provided to each of the four athletes on the winning teams.  Becky Pearman, Photographer, generously donated photos of the winners of the seven races over two days.  Riders Warehouse also provided a tremendous variety of prizes.  

The Gold medal team athletes were Hunter Green, Maria Muzzio, Kayla White and Amelia Young.  The Silver medal team, the only team to finish all four athletes, were Pilar Saravia, Alex Shampoe, Lexi Vollman and Jessica Zwann!  USA South East Bronze team was comprised of  Kimberly Loutzenheiser, Cassandra Roberts, Rae Shumate Tysor, and Annie Whelan.

Individual Gold went to Rae Shumate Tysor on Alfano Matinee Rossa in a ride time of 7:15:03.  Individual Silver and Best Condition went to Hunter Green on LR April Breeze (7:42:25) followed by Canadian Lexi Vollman on Amir El Arab AT(7:52:36) for the Individual Bronze medal. Interestingly, the three individual medalists all came from different teams, all of which earned a team medal.

It was a tough race given the weather changes the previous two days. Only 11 of the 17 young riders successfully completed the race, resulting in a 64% completion rate.  We are really proud of our young riders in taking care of their horses in challenging situations.


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Lots at stake at Broxton Bridge Plantation, Ehrhardt SC.