Lynn Kenelly

Lynn & Basha
Lynn Kenelly & Basha

I have been an active endurance rider since 1991; my very first endurance ride was at the very popular Million Pines hosted by Wesley Crowe in Soperton, Georgia. I grew up riding hunter/jumpers (and still love to jump) and then I competed in NATRC (competitive trail) before discovering the fabulous sport of endurance.  I love to cross train in dressage.

I have competed in everything from Limited Distance,

Lynn Kenelly
Lynn Kenelly

multi-day rides and the ultimate distance of 100 miles in one day.  In addition I have competed in FEI rides here in North America and have been lucky enough to crew for our USA team in Chile (twice), England (twice), France (twice) and the UAE.

Most recently I have had the pleasure of serving as the SouthEast Chef d’ Equipe for both Young Riders and Senior Riders at NAJYRC and NAETC respectively.

As one of your SE zone reps I welcome any and all communication, questions and even gripes.  I maintain the SE email list; please get in touch with me if I can ever be of assistance. Cell (864)934-2997