WD: Withdrawn – The combination does not turn up at the Event. – The combination decides not to participate prior to the 1st Veterinary Inspection.

RET: Retired – The combination retires after successfully passing the 1st Veterinary Inspection. – The combination voluntarily retires after successfully passing the Vet Gate and has correctly finished all phases to that point.

DSQ: Disqualified – A reason must be chosen from the drop down list on FEI Forms. – Or a reason must be written in the “Post Complement Status Data” column. – A horse can be disqualified as well as eliminated for a medical reason. – Please Note: All reasons will be verified with the President of the Ground Jury.

FNR: Finished Not Ranked – Certificate of Completion (CoC) with approval from President of the Ground Jury/Technical Delegate

FTQ: Failed to Qualify – must be accompanied by one of the following: – GA: Irregular Gait – MI: Minor Injury (e.g. slight soreness, wound, etc.) – CI: Catastrophic Injury – SI: Severe Injury (see art. 815.3.7) – ME: Metabolic – ME TR: Metabolic INVASIVE treatment – GA+ME: Irregular Gait and Metabolic – GA+ME TR: Irregular Gait and Metabolic with INVASIVE treatment – OT: Out of Time (non-completion of loop within allocated time/minimum speed) – FTC: Failed to Complete (non-completion of loop, but passed the Veterinary inspection)